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Invest In Yourself Today!

 Invest In Yourself Fitness Studio provides fun-filled, uniquely crafted classes open to all fitness levels. We offer high-intensity interval training in group settings. All classes are led by a certified fitness instructor.

Our classes are designed to give you maximum burn in upbeat 45-minute sessions. 

Invest In Yourself Fitness Studio is a safe and friendly environment. Workouts are designed to fit you personally and to help you reach your fitness goals at your own pace. 




Crystal Black
I have been a runner for years and that is all I ever did for the most part. You don't build much muscle running all the time. I wanted to change the composition of my body and build stronger leaner muscles but knew I wasn't going to do it on my own.I began working out with Bruce at the Invest In Yourself gym, in the end of August 2017. When I started my husband was gone hunting for 2 weeks. When he came home and saw me, the first words out of his mouth were, “Wow, you look tight!”. I could tell I had gotten a lot stronger but when someone else notices a difference it is very rewarding!I love working out at Invest In Yourself gym!
I love that it is close to my house.
I love that everyone is working out along with you. Nobody is standing around watching any body.
I love that nothing is for's the real deal. We are all sweaty messes when were done.
I love feeling better in my clothes.
I love that I lost 9 pounds after just 18 work-outs. That's ½ pound per workout!!
I love that work-outs are always different so you can avoid the plateau.
I love that you can push yourself as hard or as little as you like. Bruce gives modified moves for everything so the work-outs work for anyone and everyone no matter what fitness level your at.
I love that the environment is safe and clean.
I love that classes are offered at many different times to accommodate many different schedules.
I love that I can go to as many classes as I want with a monthly membership.
I love the new friendships I have made.
Bruce is genuine, competent, patient, hard working, reliable, and humble. He knows what it takes to be successful and help others be successful. You can feel that he sincerely wants to help others to be healthier and happier for life.
Very Grateful,
Crystal Black 

Dean B

I've been training with Bruce for about a year. I am dramatically stronger than I was a year ago. I couldn't do a single straight leg push-up a year ago. Now I can do pulse push-ups for 30 seconds or more. Bruce adapted workouts for my abilities. As my fitness improved, Bruce encouraged more strenuous workouts. Now I'm training for the Mayor's Marathon. Oh, and I lost 40lbs, too!

 Lorali S.

Bruce is a truly special trainer. He motivates me, cares for me, challenges me, and is helping ME change ME. His HIIT workouts are booty killers!! This is my favorite part of Tuesdays and Thursdays! You're awesome, Bruce. Keep on keepin' on!

 Ann C.

Love this gym!!! Bruce is the kindest motivating coach ever.! My flexibility, strength and balance has increased so much! The best gym I've ever been a member of! Come join us! You will be happy you did.

 Adrienne P.

Bruce is a great trainer. He’s very personable and motivating! I look forward to class every morning I go!

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2110 S Glenn Hwy

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Studio is open 30 mins before each camp or by appointment.

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